Awesome Plugins To Help You Create An Hyperlocal Website With BuddyPress

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A few days ago at the WordCamp event in  New York, Ted Mann from shared some awesome plugins tips to help you create a Hyperlocal website with BuddyPress. I have listed below the plugins that he suggested, plus some extra ones that I have found quite useful.

What is a Hyperlocal website?

It is a website that can aggregate content power by the local community for a specific area/town.  Each town can have its own blog. In other words ” Hyperlocal Journalism’ is a town based journalism.

A little bit about BuddyPress

Automattic, the company behind WordPress acquired BuddyPress earlier this year.
This open-source project started by Andy Peatling will help you turn your WordPress Multi-User (MU) installation into a fully functional social community platform. Some of the social features are extended profiles, private messaging, making friends (relationships between users), creating blogs, joining groups together that have a common interest, wire (like a Facebook wall), activity streams, forums, status updates, and more.

Plugins Suggested

  • Adminimize
    The Adminimize plugin lets you hide ‘unnecessary’ items from the WordPress administration menu, submenu, and even the ‘Dashboard’.
  • FeedWordPress
    The FeedWordPress plugin is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress. It syndicates content from feeds into your blog.
  • Events Calendar
    The Events Calendar plugin adds a small calendar to the main sidebar.  It gives you the ability to roll over the highlighted event day to see a brief description of the event.  Or you can click on the day to get a full description of the event without ever leaving your current page.
  • Cosmic BP User Signup Password
    The Cosmic BP User Signup Password plugin simply inserts a password field in the signup/registration form, to let the user choose a password right away at the time of registration.
  • BuddyPress Registration Options
    The BuddyPress Registration Options plugin helps you create extra fields on the registration form, so new members can decide which groups or blogs to join.
  • BuddyPress Groupblog
    The BuddyPress Groupblog plugin extends the group functionality by enabling each group to have a single blog associated with it.
  • Auto Group Join
    The Auto Group Join plugin lets users automatically join a group based on a profile field selected during the registration process.
  • BP-FBconnect
    The BP-FBConnect plugin lets users have the option of logging into BuddyPress with their Facebook login details.

Please feel free to share any plugins tips.


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