Optimizing The WordPress Permalink Structure

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By default WordPress uses web URLs which have question marks and page ID numbers http://www.pimpmywordpress.com/?p=123.

WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure to be more search engine and user friendly by changing the link structure.  I personally prefer to use  /category/post-name/ to for example http://www.pimpmywordpress.com/wordpress-themes/10-beautiful-dark-colour-wordpress-themes.

To apply this setting, go under Settings -> Permalinks. Change the default setting by ticking under “Common Setting” -> Custom Structure and add into /%category%/%postname%

For WordPress bloggers who want to be listed in Google news, you need to conform with Google policy by having at least a three digit identifier at the end of every URL.  Simply add to your custom structure /%category%/%postname%/%post_id%http://www.pimpmywordpress.com/wordpress-themes/10-beautiful-dark-colour-wordpress-themes/123

Structure Tags Options

You can use these tags below to customize your permalinks:

  • %year% (The year of the post)
  • %monthnum% (Month number of the year)
  • %day% (Day number of the month)
  • %hour% (Hour number of the day)
  • %minute% (Minute number of the hour)
  • %second% (Second number of the minute)
  • %postname% (Post title)
  • %post_id% (The unique ID # of the post)
  • %category% (Category name)
  • %tag% (Tag name)
  • %author% (Author name)


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